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Scripting Java with JavaScript

Java programs run on the Java Virtual Machine, a kind of virtual computer that hides many of the differences between the different kinds of computers it’s running on. Folks have been writing implementations of other languages that run on this virtual machine for a while now – besides JVM-specific languages like Scala and Groovy, you [...]

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Setting up my Project Website

One of the assessed deliverables for my MSc project is a project website, so I’ve been having a bit of a setup session this weekend. The objectives set for the website are a little… what’s the word… vague? See what you think: A multipage website summarizing the work so far. – Objectives – Deliverables – [...]

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Essays on the State of the Art and Future of Text Mining

The coursework for this Text Mining module has been quite challenging. Each week we had a task to complete, along the lines of evaluating training of a part-of-speech tagger (a piece of software that tries to tag words with the part of speech they serve), or create a named entity recogniser (a piece of software [...]

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Why I didn’t write any software for Windows Mobile

A few year ago, around 2006 at a guess, I saved up a bit of my hard-earned dollar and bought a Dell Axim X51v. It was a wonderful little device for the time and I fancied having a go at writing software for it. So I went to the Microsoft website to find out how [...]

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A quick post from my Kindle

The web browser that comes on the new Kindle 3 is pretty neat, supporting everything I’ve thrown at it so far… including this blog’s dashboard. That means I can post from my Kindle. Not sure I’d want to do that much, as the keyboard is functional rather than comfortable. Happy new year! The views expressed [...]

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