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Matlab from the Ubuntu Menu

Getting stuff to work from the Ubuntu Menu is pretty straightforward, but I ran into some little problems that confused me with Matlab. This post goes through the steps and difficulties I had, which might be useful in general, not just in relation to Matlab. First up, I installed the Student Edition of Matlab (currently [...]

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Induction Week 2009

Before each academic year, there’s ‘Induction Week’, where alongside the orientation stuff going on for the new students, the academics running the courses sell their wares to the students who’ve signed up to do an MSc. There’s a choice of 25-odd courses which seem to cluster around formal methods, artificial intelligence, high performance computing and [...]

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Astrid – Task Manager for Android

I’ve been using Astrid, a nice little free app on the Market that lets you set up tasks with deadlines and then notifies you when they’re due. I mentioned it on my HTC Magic review, but a few weeks on and I’m still using it. In fact, I’m really starting to appreciate it. It’s a [...]

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When a minus times a minus equals a plus

We all know from school that multiplying two negative numbers together gives a positive number, but can you think of a common-sense example of this rule in action that would convince someone who asked why? I got asked why recently and I couldn’t. Neither could anyone I asked. Plenty of examples involving mirrors and vectors [...]

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Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Yeah, exactly. Eigen-whats? Welcome to the primer material for the Machine Learning module. It  looks pretty mathsy, specifically Linear Algebra (think matrix algebra and Eigen-dooflabs), Differentiation and Integration and some probability and information theory. Yeah, it looks tough. But I’m intrigued, too. Studying the material, I can’t wait to find out how these things actually [...]

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